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Customised Wording Message Vest

Customised Wording Message Vest

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About Customised Wording Message Vests

Message vests are short dog vests ideal for shorter messages to be seen close up. They can be worn with most types of harness as the webbing strap finishes at the back of the dogs front legs. Here, you can choose to customise the wording to suit your dogs needs with a personalised message - short messages work better!

Made to order in 6 bright colours and 5 different sizes, these message vests are an easy way to communicate a message to other dog walkers.

They are adjustable, light enough for summer, and can be worn alone or on top of a warmer coat in colder weather. NEW UPDATED FABRIC with easy care options - lukewarm handwash with mild detergent or 30degree wash - please do not tumble dry or dry clean. Air-dries quickly

Sometimes your dog just needs a bit of good grace from others. Perhaps your dog is shy, anxious or needs space. Or they are in post operative recovery and you do not want anyone to touch or come near your dog. Maybe they have food intolerance or allergies and you do not want any other dog walker to feed your dog. Or maybe your dog is in training and you don't want other people to distract while they are learning from you. Whatever your reactive dog needs, there is a message or customised wording to suit. 

Message vests should not replace your dog training programme however they can be useful if your dog has specific issues or during a time in their life where they need a little good grace. As with all dog apparel, please supervise while wearing.


Which size?

Message vests have a fully elastic neck which just slips over the dogs head making it easy to put on and it stretches easily for comfort when your dog sits or lies down.  The webbing strap then attaches with a clip at the side. This webbing strap fits around the dogs body just behind their front legs and is fully adjustable. 




Examples of size (please measure first as your message vest will be made to order)


Small: Pug, Border Terrier, Bichon

Medium: Cocker, Beagle, Small Staffy Female

Large: Springer, Border Collie, Larger Staffy Male

Xlarge: Labrador, Dalmatian, GSP

XXLarge: Large German Shepherd Male, Newfie, Great Dane (there is a considerable size jump between XL and XXL)

Measure from the base of your dog’s collar to the point on the back which lies above the back of the dog’s legs

Small - 10cm   Medium - 12cm   Large - 14cm    Xlarge - 16cm     XXLarge - 20cm



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