GIVE ME SPACE - I need space yellow dog coat - reflective high viz winter dog coat with wording

Winter Weight Communicoat - GIVE ME SPACE

  • £32.00

Our best-selling Communicoat (TM) now in a winter weight!

The Prancing Dog is famous for the communicoat (TM) and now you can have one just for the cold and wet months too! This saves you wearing something underneath the lighter all-year round communicoat when the weather is chilly.


This brand new communicoat features a waterproof outer layer in high viz yellow and a soft polar fleece inside layer and cosy fleece funnel neck. Each side has a full length reflective strip for night time visibility and the words GIVE ME SPACE printed in large black lettering along the side.

On the top of the communicoat there is a zipped harness hole in case you choose to wear a harness underneath. Or simply use your collar and lead for walking. The underside has the same easy-to-use adjustable elastic strap with side release buckle as the lighter weight communicoat, making it just as easy to get the coat on an off quickly.

Be safe and seen this winter.

Please note: At the moment I am only able to provide one colour and 4 sizes - this is a new product so will develop over the season where I hope to offer an XXL size and hopefully customised wording options too. At the moment, the printing technology doesn't allow for a wide enough print for the XXL size so it is currently not available. 


Wash in warm suds and air dry - do not tumble dry.

Sometimes your dog just needs a bit of good grace from others. Perhaps your dog is shy, anxious or needs space. Or they are in post operative recovery and you do not want anyone to touch or come near your dog. Maybe they have food intolerance or allergies and you do not want any other dog walker to feed your dog. Or maybe your dog is in training and you don't want other people to distract while they are learning from you. GIVE ME SPACE covers many different circumstances for dog owners and their pets. 

Communicoats should not replace your dog training programme however they can be useful if your dog has specific issues or during a time in their life where they need a little good grace. As with all dog apparel, please supervise while wearing.


Which size?

The coat starts from the back of the neck and runs along the length of the back - just a few centimetres short of the tail - this coat is designed to allow freedom of movement and is not intended to go over the dogs tail so may seem shorter than the average coat.

Examples of size (please measure first as your communicoat will be made to order)

Small: Pug, Border Terrier, Bichon, Jack Russel, Maltese

Medium: Cocker, Small Beagle, Small Staffy Female, Boston Terrier

Large: Springer, Border Collie, Larger Staffy Male 

Xlarge: Labrador

XXLarge: not currently available

Measure the back length from the base of the neck to just before the tail.

Small - 32cm   Medium - 37cm   Large - 45m    Xlarge - 51cm     XXLarge - not currently available